In the book A Fortunate Universe by Geraint Lewis and Luke Barnes, they highlight a human’s search for energy. We need the power to live, thrive, and conduct our affairs each day. The whole Universe and not just our bodies run on electricity. Think about the countless ways you seek to find strength each day. Do you crave foods? Movement and exercise? Quiet or meditation? They say it well, “You’re an energy-processing machine. All Life Is.”


Today, at this point in your life, you have the most energy and time you will ever have. They go on to point out that over time you will lose some of this free energy. You will get tired as time goes on. Today is a good day to ask yourself where your daily habits are leading you? Are they driving you towards a future that based on today’s effort will make that imagine future easier? Can you say you are saving money for the future you to inherit? Can you state your exercise program is helping you to function better when you know you will have less energy?


The conversation to create the best you does continue each day by the questions you ask and the answers you seek.