My process for personal training can be broken up into 3 phases. There’s the intake,  interview, assessment and evaluation. Our first session is about you and me taking the time to talk. I want to understand what you want to achieve. It’s OK if you don’t know, because I’ll help you to identify your needs. As I begin to understand at what you want to do, I’ll create tests. The tests will help me to assess and evaluate your current level of fitness, stamina and energy now. When we begin and as you progress, I’ll be able to track your progress. It’s by tracking your progress that I’m going to be most capable of helping you. After our first session I’ll formulate your program.Personal Training

As I create your personal training program, I consider what your normal activity level is and what you’re doing for recreation and fun. I factor in your age, weight, height, energy level, and stamina. I consider your objectives, which are based on what you want and what decide at your interview. I consider how you moved, what type of motor learning and performance level you have.

Then, at our next session, I’ll have a plan. This plan is adjustable. I will take into account how you felt after your first session. I might need to test out and evaluate your physical needs on the spot. The process of formulating an exercise program is an ongoing process which changes to meet your ongoing goals. You see, I am there to help you achieve  your goals. Think about it.  I will be constantly re-calibrating and reforming your program to best meet your unique needs and body type.

And we don’t stop there. After the implementation and execution of the program, I’ll reconsider the program, your objectives, and your progress. I’ll ask myself, what does this person need to do to achieve our mutually agreed upon objectives? What was determined when I assessed and evaluated this part of their body? Why am I different than other personal trainers?  Because I specialize in your uniqueness. I concentrate 100 %  of my energy on helping you to make progress and reach your goals. In the end, that is what is most important.