Dominic is different than most personal trainers. Why?personal trainers

He has 21 certifications in the health, wellness, and fitness field. Most personal trainers have 3-5 certifications. As a Personal Trainer, he has been brought in and consulted with 2 major hospitals. One was Walter Reed Medical Center and the other was University of Maryland St. Joseph’s Medical Center. You see, this is not typical for personal trainers. In 2009, Baltimore Magazine awarded him “Best In Home Personal Trainer”. Almost 10 years ago now, Baltimore Magazine created that award for him because they heard about the great work he was doing. His career as a professional personal trainer spans almost 15 years. Most personal trainer’s careers do not span that length of time. He has created 2 online programs that have a combined outreach of over 10,000 people worldwide. He believes that part of his job is to be an advocate for your health and fitness. And he is continually learning about new ways to help his clients. Dominic’s philosophy, “I spend my income and time studying and seeking out professionals to make me better so I can serve you better.”

Dominic is certified and educated in:

  1. National Academy of Sports Medicine- Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist
  2. CHEK Institute, CHEK Practitioner Level 4
  3. CHEK Institute, Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  4. CHEK Institute, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
  5. CHEK Institute, Golf Biomechanic
  6. Metabolic Typing Advisor
  7. Neurosomatic and Neuromuscular Therapy
  8. Osteopathy with Guy Voyer, ELDOA Method
  9. Postural Restoration Institute, Postural Restoration
  10. Functional Range Release, Lower Limb
  11. Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist
  12. Flow Technique, a blend of vector point and Applied Kinesiology
  13. Neurokinetic Therapy
  14. USAW Olympic Sports Performance Coach
  15. American Fitness Professionals Association, Post-Rehabilitation Specialist
  16. EFI Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
  17. EFI Sports Medicine, Group Instructor
  18. EFI Sports Medicine, Post-Rehabilitation Specialist
  19. REIKI
  20. Neurolinguistic Communication
  21. Poliquin Strength Coach Level 1

Dominic has spoken for and consulted with:

  1. Walter Reed Medical Hospital
  2. Shepherd’s Clinic in Baltimore
  3. Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore
  4. BmoreFit of Baltimore
  5. US Lacrosse
  6. Powered By Me, University of Maryland St. Joseph’s Medical Center
  7. Life Fitness Physical Therapy
  8. Goucher College
  9. The Lawrenceville School and Good Nick Squash
  10. Wegman’s of Hunt Valley
  11. CPA Group of Silver Spring
  12. Occupational Therapists of Maryland
  13. Hillendale Country Club
  14. Cave’s Valley Golf Club
  15. Merritt Athletic Clubs

Some of Dominic’s clients have included:

  1. Moms, Dads, kids, disabled, war veterans, weekend warriors, and professional athletes
  2. Former Baltimore Marathon Winner
  3. NFL, MLB, and NHL Professional Athletes

Dominic has consulted with these professionals to help him in working with clients:

  1. Psychologist
  2. Nutritionist
  3. Acupuncturist
  4. Chiropractor
  5. Osteopath
  6. Physical Therapist
  7. Strength Coach

Dominic has created these courses or books:

  1. Joint by Joint Mobilizations, almost 3,000 students
  2. Your Shoulder & Neck Pain Solution, over 7,200 students