The Map Is Not The Territory:

Is the map of reality, reality itself? Is the reason to eat more carbs, more protein, exercise more, and exercise less- reality? There is a season for everything to flourish. We are coming out of summer where activity was high and likely eating took a back seat unless you were a delicious barbeque.


My point is a question: how do you make better decisions (about your health and style of living)?


The need to stay healthy and vibrant is most needed in today’s world.  The pace of living is high and the demands on your time and energy is ever increasing. Right?


We reduce the world down to a simple model that helps us function successfully. We create rules or ways of living that simplify things. Some call it a reduction in decision fatigue.

At some point, it is helpful to simplify life.  At another point in the spectrum, you are being lazy and rigid and creating a haze around putting more effort into daily living.


Where in your life do you need to vary your routine a bit? Do you need a different point of view on your exercises? Do you see something you tell yourself you change but you are uncertain how? Do you tell yourself that keeping up with your routines will pave the path?


My question to you:

Where can you look at your exercises and lifestyle and find just a small variation or deviation from your routine where you could say, I’ll benefit greatly from this change?

Do it.

Just Do It.