What is the Sensori-Motor System?
I’m going to start with an example of the sensorimotor system in action to convey the meaning, then we will back up and go a bit deeper. Ready?

If you have ever had back pain or sciatic pain and you’ve taken a step forward with the symptomatic leg, as you step you felt pain, right? The pain is a sensation in your body that instructed your motor system how to operate. You probably could not have overcome the pain. The pain stopped and limited your range of motion, or you were prevented from running the motor in your leg by a pain sensation. The pain sensation has a direct line to your brain. Your brain answered the call and told the body to shut down the legs motor movement.

You may be experiencing pain your leg, shoulder, hips, butt, neck, jaw, big toe, and wrists. The rules of the game are the same. The sensorimotor system is a communication network between your body and your brain. As we all age and the demands of life increase, you can’t afford to not know what is happening inside your body.