What makes exercise and a healthy lifestyle overwhelming?

  1. There are many different exercise philosophies competing for your attention.
  2. Hiring a trainer who specializes in helping you organize exercising, keeps the pain of living healthy low, and give you the power to continue is the key to success.

Why is it difficult to know what I want from a personal trainer, or acupressure practitioner?

  1. Managing your health and fitness can be overwhelming and confusing.
  2. Therefore, knowing where to start and what to ask for can be nearly impossible.
  3. It is extremely important to hire a trainer who specializes in listening to you, not selling to you.
  4. Hire a trainer who will listen and learn not only what you want, but how to help you move into the next stage of exercise, and health with tangible results.

Why is it difficult to go beyond the challenges that stop me from being fit?

  1. The pain of searching for answers on how to fit exercise into your life, what exercises to do, can be a difficult search.
  2. If you do not have the tools to organize and prioritize certain exercise elements over others, you could potentially never reach your goals for your body.
  3. You may not reach the shape you want.
  4. It is difficult to align an exercise plan to reach your goal, and hold yourself accountable, and measure your progress all by yourself.

How can I see the bigger picture for my exercise program, and how the puzzle pieces fit together?

  1. If you want to overcome the limitations in your movement, change your shape, and your weight, then you need to invision what you want to be.  This is the bigger picture. You need a new mindset with new goals.
  2. Doing nothing changes nothing.