As I stood in line waiting for my turn I read one of the advertised lines, “Reward Yourself”. By reward yourself they meant financially because they wanted to induce patrons to open a new bank account, checking or savings account.

Reward yourself could also mean:

  1. Eat the food or meal you want to feel rewarded
    Avoid rewarding yourself because you’ve seen people over indulge, so you choose to wait
    Reward a person you know who needs a compliment
    Reward yourself in the future by doing something today; put money away, exercise when you don’t feel motivated, complete an errand so you can take some time off later
    Accept the reward someone else offered you; a comment, a financial gift or thing like a book or gift card
    Reward someone else who is working hard; a compliment, a card put in the mail, bake a treat or gift an experience

The inspiration to do good work is available in money uncommon places. I’ve heard clients and people tell me, “The moment I start to be grateful for what I have, I inevitably get more good things to be grateful for”. The momentum for positive change can seem and feel counter intuitive. The path feels harder or more uneven and rough than you initially thought it would or should be, but as you put one foot in front of the other one you notice small rewards for your efforts. A generous comment from a stranger, the good feelings from doing a job or making a contribution, or even the feeling of a good day’s work at the end of your day. Rewards are constantly around you and when people say, “rewards come to those who do good work”. People mean it! ??