Get Acupressure.

Stop Chronic Pain.

Promote Healing An Injury.


I use acupressure because of its gentle nature. You see, each time the body is touched the brain is evaluating that touch as either a threat or not a threat. By using gentle pressure, I’m able to apply a touch the brain does not perceive as a threat. As a result, the body will relax around my hands and my pressure. Your body begins to understand I’m trying to help. It’s true! Then your body begins to conform and adapt around the pressure I’m applying.

I concentrate on areas and regions of your body that have become misaligned and confused. I teach your body how to reconnect energy to parts of your body. As your body listens to my touch of acupressure, it begins to feel right. Your body wants to be whole and wants to feel connected. As I teach you what to feel from within, your own skin acupressure helps me to connect you with your own inner strength and resources.

And that’s not all! As your body begins to network its energy appropriately, you’ll feel lighter because you become more effective and efficient. Your body begins to trust you and it stops using tissue tension to get your attention. I use acupressure to decrease lines of tissue tension that have become confused and disoriented as to their role within your body. I guide your energy back and connect your muscular structure to your nervous system. What does this mean for you? You’ll feel lighter, washed over, and more integrated.

Key Points of Acupressure:Acupressure

  1. Wear comfortable clothing for each session.
  2. For optimal results, it should be done once a month, waiting no longer than 7 weeks in between treatments.
  3. My experience is Acupressure Treatments should be limited to a one-hour session.
  4. The effects of Acupressure can be strong because so much energy is being released. Feeling sore or achy for the 24 hours following a treatment is not unusual.