You might ask yourself, “Do I care if my hips move well? What does that matter? I need to make money, spend time with family, and enjoy my hobbies like cycling, exercising and keeping up with social events.” Right? You could be asking the wrong question and then spend the rest of your adult life paying the price. The most underutilized part of each person’s body is their hips. Why the hips you may ask?

Your hips are what you sit on and stand on each day. You attempt to balance your hips over your knees and under your torso. Most people couldn’t tell you how their hips work. Do you need to know how you remember things to see that you need a good memory to have a healthy life? No. So, why would you need to know how your hips work to have a healthy body?

Your hips are essentially one pillar of the foundation of your body. The hips you have are a part of each process you do from the moment you wake up until you close your eyes at night. You may know the traditional views on strengthening your hips in a linear motion. You could say, “Squatting, deadlifting, rowing, and lunges are important” and you would be right. Would you consider the internal rotation of your femur important? Would you consider the external rotation of your femur important?

There are more influences on the pelvis and femur then you would first think, but does that mean you should stop at what you know? Or, should you discover what other capacities your body can develop? Should you seek to develop yourself past your known limits towards an ever-greater capacity for movement and ease? I’ll let you be the judge.