Keep it simple- You’ve heard people say this or you may have even said it to yourself at one point or another.

As we’re approaching a new year it’s also a time when most people reflect on the successes and failures (learning opportunities) from the past year. How did you specifically succeed or fail (learn) in your exercises and nutritional habits this past year?


Whether you failed (learned) or you succeeded I’d like to remind you, health is about the long-term game. It’s about discipline and compliance. Are you adjusting your nutritional or exercise program based on developing abilities? Skills? You’ll make progress as you consider each habit as a skill to be learned (and adopted).


Now to the meat of this post- do you choke down veggies? It’s meant to be a little funny, but when you think about it eating vegetables are not a silly habit. Vegetables are vital for true health.


‘They don’t taste good”

“I’ve never liked them”

“I eat spinach and lettuce, does that count?”


If you want to be healthy, you need to eat a balanced meal (vegetables, protein, and fat).



  1. Buy’em and cook’em
  2. Seasonal vegetables are preferred
  3. Cook them for each meal or meal prep beforehand
  4. It’s nice to cook with family and friends
  5. Have people over on the weekends and make a night of cooking and laughter with friends