Sessa Strategy: Building An Automatic Habit


The Crisis of Incompetence Syndrome

I love to get better. Both personal and professional growth is my thing. You’d summarize me accurately if you’d say I love learning new skills, or competencies. I’d say, I hate losing more than I love winning. When I obsess over learning to be competent. Or another way to say it is I’ve developed “A Crisis of Incompetence” syndrome. I hate feeling dumb and powerless. One way I bounce back from this is by feeling for and finding the leverage points.

Sessa Strategy: Leverage The Points of Power

These points of power make me feel good. One Sessa Strategy for using points of power is by utilizing the leverage framework. The question becomes, where can I get the most bangs for my buck? The Sessa Strategy for me comes in the form of a thought process I learned when studying how to create persuasive applications. For many years I looked into and came close to building my own app. But, let’s cut to the chase. I studied Stanford University standout Professor BJ Fogg’s persuasive material. And in it I learned the phrase “After___ I’ll ____”.


Stanford University’s BJ Fogg’s Advice

Here’s an example of how I utilize BJ Fogg’s “After___ I’ll____” and turn it into A Successful Sessa Strategy:

  1. Friday Morning I’ll return emails for 2 hours
  2. After, I’ll stretch my rib case and open my diaphragm. Because at times I develop Right Shoulder and Right Neck discomfort from so much sitting and typing.
  3. Then, I’ve got to get moving into the next phase of my day.


The Problem

The problem: Since I’m only capable of doing 2 hours total, then I set my alarm for 1 hour and 50 minutes. After my alarm goes off, I’ll stretch the muscles that make me feel loosey goosey and roll into the next phase of my day with energy and enthusiasm.


The Benefit

Simple strategy, from Stanford standout BJ Fogg, simplified into an actual real life account. The Sessa Strategy for Building An Automatic Habit. The Benefit: rolling into the next phase of your day with energy and enthusiasm. Priceless.


Book: The Courage to Recover

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