What else is possible? The phrase that gets most people into trouble.


One problem I see continuously limiting people is that they seek what else is possible. They tell themselves that finding another possibility another method will help them to solve their issue. And to be honest, they are usually half right. Yes, I see a great deal of intelligence in mixing and matching processes or procedures until you are successful. At the same time, are you sure, what you’re trying to solve?

I believe your intuition is a gift.


I think you are smarter than you recognize most of the time. Most people are smarter than they recognize. It’s only a question of how to access your intelligence that’s the problem. When working with a man in the past, who I still work with today, he always wanted to utilize different exercises. He wanted all ways of working his chest, arms, and abs. Not an uncommon request, par for the course. He would say, “let’s do something different, you only want to do the same exercises”. Because he was bored or burned out by some routine in his life, maybe? I continued to attempt to please him. We continued to do a variety of exercises, all ways changing our approach, and adapting to his mood of the day. Some days he wanted a harder workout, some days he wanted an easy peasy workout.

The Stimulus is too Irregular

After a couple of months go by and by this point, in time we’ve developed a friendship. He recognized he could trust me. He said, “Look, we’ve been working at this for a while now. And I’m not seeing the results I want to see. What do we need to do differently? What else is possible?” I told him. “I think you recognize what you want. You want to develop your chest, abs, and arms. The limit or problem is that we keep changing the exercises so regularly that you aren’t giving your muscles the time to adapt. When you expose your muscle to a different stimulus each time, it never gets the time or opportunity to adapt. It’s only adapting to change. Therefore, because it’s adapting to change so often it, it being the muscle, doesn’t get the chance to adapt at a core level. The stimulus is too irregular.”


“I thought we were working out, and that is a regular stimulus”, he quickly said in a stern voice. “Yes, and no”, I said. “Yes, we regularly workout. Yes, that’s a regular stimulus in and of itself. However, we aren’t regularly repeating the same exercises. We’ve succeeded in exercising regularly. Now, we need to succeed in exposing your muscles to the same exercises, or at least the same sequence of activating your muscles. When you expose your muscles to the same firing pattern, your body can adapt to the pattern. You WANT your body to adapt to the pattern. That’s the development of muscle and tonus. When your body adapts to the pattern of exercise, the repeated stress, you develop muscle.”

So, what’s possible here?

“So, what’s possible here?” he said. “Historically exposing your muscles to regular exercises and sequencing of firing patterns will develop a strong system in the body. Let’s move into the next phase. The same phase, where we develop consistency in the pattern we expose your body too. We’ll measure the results, and adapt as needed to get closer to the outcome. What do you think?”

Sessa Strategy: Position Yourself for Inevitable Success

We still work together today. He’s seen great success and we’ve developed a trusting bond. The point is this. The question, “What else is possible?” Can lead to some real problems. I struggle with this myself. I’m always moving into the future, all ways attempting to recognize what I need to develop next. The problem or limit that comes from the question What Else Is Possible? Is that you or I stop recognizing what is working and stop developing our bottom-up approach from real experience. We could all do better at tracking what creates an experience we like, right? Going into the direction you want. Mix and match the pattern that works and remember to keep it fun and interesting. Stop being a kid in a candy store who needs to lick or touch everything in the store. Stick to a process and own it. From here, success is inevitable. You like inevitable success, don’t you? So do I. All of my Sessa Strategies are positioned around inevitable success. Knowing you are inevitably going to be successful decreases stress and puts you in chill mode.

Leverage Yourself Into The Next Phase

In the end, the key to this Sessa Strategy is Simple. What else is possible is relative. The past can be an important ally in helping you leverage yourself into the next phase. The point of power here is consistency, of routine, and exercising regularly. Therefore, because you’re consistent in regularly exercising, the next point of power is having a process to consistently exercise to pattern your muscular development.


Points of Power

  • Stick To A Process
  • Leverage Yourself TO The Next Phase
  • Find the Point Of Power
  • Find the Key Sessa Strategy TO Match it
  • Pattern, and De-Pattern At Will To Match Your Developmental Needs

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