Sessa Strategy: Fight Today, For What You Want To Be Easier Tomorrow


Yesterday I saw 6 clients each for one hour, I wrote their programs and notes before the session, worked out myself, and prepared a couple of other things for the day. The total time in prep and execution was 8.5 hours that does not include extra activities. My wife worked 10 hours on the job and adds another one hour for travel. Here we were texting back and forth about what to do for dinner. She said, “It would be easier to do take out, we’d do that today and cook tomorrow?” She recognizes the challenges on our time and energy level from the day.

80 % of the Time, Sticking To The Plan Works for Us


For disclosure, we normally do take out one time a week, four times a month. If we were going to do take out it would fit within our operating procedure for the month. However, we normally wait to utilize eating out for the weekend as a treat. The demand this week has been higher than normal, for both of us. What do you do? Do you take the easy way? The path of least resistance would’ve been to go for the takeout. I chose for us to stick to the plan. We’d cook dinner tonight, together, and use that time to catch up about our day.


What Type of Behavior Do You Want To Execute in the Future?


We spend most of our extra income on food. We decided as a family that we’d spend money to get the highest quality ingredients we’d afford to eat each week. Now, we’ve got this gloriously filled fridge. The problem is we don’t necessarily have the time or energy to cook. But, you know what? I saw myself getting home late and tired in the future. I asked myself what would I want to be capable of doing. All things being equal, what type of behavior would I want to execute in the future? Would I want to come home and cook, talk with my wife, and sit down to a meal we prepared? Or, would I want, all things being equal, to say lets go for take out?

Work Day is for Others, After Hours is for YOU


I made the decision based on the future. I’d want us to come home and fight to cook. Why not? We’d spent the extra money for great ingredients. The problem as I saw it was that I wanted my “after hours” to be easier. There was a thought that after I’m done serving others for my job I want life to be easier. I want someone else to serve me, I guess? However, after finishing my “work day” it’s time for my life to begin.


Stop Taking The Path of Least Resistance


You don’t want to look into the future and see yourself powering down like a phone at the end of a day, do you?  Do you want to look into the future and see yourself recharging with enthusiasm because now you get to take care of the things you’ve deemed important? Do you want to see yourself powering up with energy to take care of your home, your spouse or loved one, and the activities that are required to maintain this life you’re collecting? When you see these two very different outcomes, what decision do you make? Do you want to have an app within your brain that you can click to cook and talk with your spouse, friend, or significant other at the end of your day? And, do you think today’s one of the best days to create and define that habit? It’ll be a daily struggle to take the resistant path. It’ll be a daily struggle to choose something today that you want in the future. But, you’ve seen the future you want to create. And, I hope in some small way this resonates with you and a vision you’ve seen for yourself. I hope you’ve seen a vision that maybe in the not too distant future that’s worth your sacrifice. Because, my friend, that’s what being a creator is about. Creating, defining, and working towards your piece of the pie.


Create, Define, and Work Towards Your Piece Of The Pie

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