What’s worse? Growing Old with Pain or Exercising A Little Each Day?


A mindset about exercise is that no pain means no gain.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

For the past week or so I’ve been thinking about ‘exercise’- I put exercise in quotes, because who really knows what exercise means? It’s 2017; there are a million ways to exercise. Some days people tell me the only running around they do is trying to locate Wi-Fi so they can finish work. When a person gives me the clear signal they made the time to exercise, I celebrate as if they’d won an Olympic Medal.


Time is slipping by, so the body you have today won’t last forever and you are getting old, anyway. Remember the days when you woke up at dawn with the roosters, and you never stopped running. When you surrender to the fact that today’s going to be your best day then you may look at your exercise goal differently and decide to spend less than 5 minutes deciding if you should exercise and sweat or not. And just do it!


As you can tell, I’m trying to motivate you to do more. You need exercise. And it proves to be harder than it looks. Today, find one new way of adding an extra 3-5 minutes to your exercise routine. Exercise doesn’t have to be a confusing concept. Pick a stretch or two and hold them for 1-2 minutes and call it a day. You’ll thank me in your old age.


Your friendly neighborhood trainer,