Design is the key to life.

Ask yourself; do you not design your life everyday? You design your life by choosing how to arrange your day. You choose to arrange what food you are going to have. Whether you show up and have an impoverished model. “Oh my god, what am I going to eat, I only have an hour.” Wherein you are consciously choosing to give yourself a limited menu of options in that moment. Because those were the choices you left for yourself to arrange.


Where on the other hand you could design a menu for yourself. Therefore when you are presented with certain sets of circumstances you have more options available and that would require a degree of forethought. Planning ahead of time. Thereby offering yourself the opportunity to have a rich menu of options when you are presented with a scenario or situation where it is difficult for you to have healthy options available.


In the big picture of life, I think design is a keyword that will help you to gain a better grasp of what it is like to make the changes repeatedly and in a sustainable fashion that allows you to get what you want out of the effort that you give. The keyword here is reciprocity. What do you get in return for your effort? This could mean what do you get in return for the food you eat. Do you get the body shape you want? Do you get the energy that you want? This could be used for exercise. Do you get the energy level you want in return for your output of movement?


A more detailed illustration could be in the category of stiffness and an ache back.

Yes, looking good or a degree of vanity is healthy. Wherein you take pride in how you look in some ways help you to stay grounded and helps you to keep your eye on the prize. If you see changes or you want to see yourself looking good so when you look in the mirror as a man you say “I look buff and strong!” Or as a woman you say, “I look like a fox!” I think that is really healthy to want to hear yourself say those things. By that in my opinion, you are taking pride in who you are.


Let’s back up for a second to the design keyword. Specifically, I want to touch on the idea of iterating your life master plan. You can design an exercise program for yourself at a micro level. By that I mean you have an exercise program wherein you know how to exercise for one hour. If we zoom out one level to the macro level, you would ask and program your exercising for the week or seven days. Thereby affirming, “Here is what I am going to do to make sure I am eating right, exercising well, and moving towards feeling sexy, strong, and buff”. If we zoom out to another macro level, looking at a bigger picture, wherein you would consider, “What am I going to do for the grander month?” If you stay at this month macro level and use it as a reference structure for making decisions, you could ask, “What are my plans? How am I going to increase the volume of the number of meals that I eat which are healthy? How do I want to increase the number of exercises I do within a given exercise program?”


One thing to consider inside all of this is that, and this might sound like a degree of self-promotion. But, it is also a degree of reality. When you are doing these activities, if you have another profession or job, then I can honestly say to you, “You are unclear and uncertain what signs and signals indicate that you are heading into a good and positive direction. You are unclear because you are within your model, your program, how you are setting all of these circumstances up”. You are in the thing you are trying to judge objectively. Wherein the design that you have might sound really great, or look really great on paper while you are doing it. However, this is my opinion mind you, if you do not have someone who is holding you accountable, which means, and thereby making sure you do it”. Someone saying, “Here is the result you should have by the time you have done that.” That would be the sign. The sign would be the result.


Let’s say for a second that you did everything asked of you in your program but you did not have the sign or result you were looking for. Let’s say one dimension of the result is a change on the scale. In this case, lets say your accountability person is a trainer, coach, or bodyworker. Wherein your accountability here is the scale, one dimension of your result. The scale did not change. Wherein you as the person inside the program, you say, “My effort did not yield a return on my investment in terms of a change on a scale”. “I failed”. Since that is the dimension that you used to quantify the result, “I failed because I did not reach this dimension in this result”. While the trainer, coach or bodyworker, and in this case I will use the word trainer moving forward. The trainer says, “Yes, in this dimension failed but the dimension where you succeeded, and you missed it. You ate more healthy meals this month than you ate last month”. “That is a sign of progress because you have iterated a conscious choice into your life that is starting to become a path of less resistance. The choice to eat healthy is not easy. There is resistance in your choice. However, this resistance that is fighting you, that is fighting you every time you try to make a healthy choice. This choice, this path of making healthy choices that you have designed and you are saying is worth your effort. Is now becoming a path of less resistance. The path is starting to become more repeatable this month than last month”. When you look at that big picture, you are considering the condition or design of your choices one month in contrast to the previous month. Wherein the trainer can see that the signal, based on your choices, is making it inevitable, inevitable, that you will have more energy, your weight will change and stabilize with respect to how you are leading your life.


The design by which you choose to lead is an artistic expression of your choices. You are designing your life every time you consider whether or not you eat “that”. Whether or not you consider, “I am going to exercise for five minutes before I go to bed”. Are you going to design those exercises to make your body feel more freedom and less effort or cost less to be in gravity? Or are you going to do exercises that offer an empty promise? By that I mean they are not exercises built for your body to run more efficiently, streamlined, strong and agile. Perhaps you picked an exercise program design you saw somewhere else and you will apply it to your own life in a way that leads you to not feeling fulfilled. Wherein the dimension of fulfillment in your structure is one dimension vanity, and another dimension feeling strong within your own skin. I ask you today, “How are you designing your life? How are you heading into your weekend? What are you considering is the optimum way for you design the next month of your being?”

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