1. Watch the video
2. Especially 1:00 – 2:30 in the video. 

How could looking at yourself in a bathing suit in the mirror help you to stop your chronic pain?

There are six points I have learned to use when I am looking at a client’s posture to help analyze where they need postural balance.The midline is important because it provides points for you to compare. There are actually six points in the body that I use. These are like GPS points. They mark and help me to quickly spot postural misalignments in a clients’ body. I have found that paying attention to these spots helps almost 100 % of clients. If you pay attention to and work with these six spots, they almost always guarantee you will find relief from your chronic pain.

The Six Midline Points:

  1. Point one is around your hip region. If you know where your belly button is, if you put your finger on your bellybutton, and then went one inch below your belly button then you would be on point one.
  2. The second point is around two inches above your belly button.
  3. The third point is located one inch south of your sternum or sometimes known as your breastbone.
  4. The center of your chest is point four.
  5. Your throat or your neck is point five.
  6. And you have your forehead which is your sixth point.

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