Psychic energy- it’s around us, a part of us, an energy responsible for most of the actions and behaviors we take. Psychic energy is the energy of your mind and spirit that is housed within your body. When you become occupied or preoccupied with an idea, a person, or an activity of some sort then you are utilizing your psychic energy to think about these things. The energy you spend gets absorbed and then manifests into your body. Essentially, your body becomes the artwork of your psychic energy.

Psychic energy can manifest into stress as we think about deadlines, or we think about being unprepared for spontaneous events, not knowing how to use our free time can be stressful because of the number of options, or simply we are planning to far ahead. Your psychic energy manifests a reality that your body represents as tangible fact based reality. Your boys consumes your psychic energy.

By understanding that your body’s symptoms are at least in part connected with your psychic energy starts a dialogue to understanding that your mind and body are one unified whole. You can become empowered to move past simply working on or solving problems of symptoms and then begin to work on the system that affects your life. Your body determines a lot of options you have moment by moment, day by day, year by year and for the entirety of your life.

This is a positive message saying since the mind and body are connected, since your psychic energy is represented in your body through an array of symptoms then when you want to focus on healing, optimizing your life, and generally having a sense of enhanced well-being that you should focus on developing tools and the practices that harmonize your psychic energy and your body.

  1. You can have some quiet time when life gets busy and not label it as meditation
  2. You can go for a walk to burn off some steam without needing to set some metrics that day “I did something”
  3. You could set a new personal record in a stretch for reps, or the number of days, months or years that you have exercised in a row
  4. Checking a few items off of your to do list

Since your body houses your psychic energy, how you treat your body determines how you feel.