Monkey Think, Monkey Do

Why you over estimate the realistic commitment of time and energy when it comes to exercise and health.

The problem is, people think that if they tell their self (themselves) to do some thing or activity that they can then go do that activity, and the truth is, that would be termed will, you can will your self to do it, is not true when you are starting a new sort of activity, there is a process to acquiring the skill and the use of will.

Starting A New Activity Takes Patience

Yes, you think because you can think about exercising everyday or a couple of times a week, you mistake that for actually being able to do that. When you agree or commit yourself to a contract of exercising, you are making a false equivalence. It is false that because you assume you are going to choose to exercise, that you will, in fact, exercise.

You Under Estimate The Realistic Commitment Of Time And Energy In This Case.

Internally, your monkey brain is operating, and this internal operating system misfires. On the flip side, for those who never start to exercise, never make any progress. Here are a couple of distinct ways of sorting exercise that could help you to see it more clearly.

Five Ways Of Splitting Up Movement

1. New Movement
2. Familiar Movement
3. Increase This Movement
4. Decrease This Movement
5. Stop This Movement

Seven Ways of Splitting Up Exercise Commitment

1. Single Movement Commitment
2. Single With On Going Movement Commitment
3. Movement With A Specific Time Span
4. Movement To Be Done Periodically
5. Movement In Response To Cue
6. Movement At Will
7. Movement’s For Life

I think splitting up movement into clean sorts, and commitment into clean sorts will make it possible to more accurately estimate what it takes to accomplish your tasks. Thinking through what movements you want in your program should be easy because the fulfillment is where the work exists. The category we are talking about here is compliance. We often think complying with a program is easy. This is a false assumption. You are not a machine that can be programed and immediately respond at will. There is an art to gaining compliance and then refining your movements and your commitments to serve you best.

If you have any questions about these concepts, email me at Dominic(At) and I will try to answer them.

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