How does technology fit into your health decisions?
How does technology fit into your health decisions?

Vertically integrating your health in today’s world.

What is the purpose of health if you worry more about having it, then actually enjoying your use?

When you exercise, or play outside, which do you enjoy more? Why?

If you are exercising, then you are probably doing so to reach some outcome. To reach a goal you have decided was worth your effort. So, you committed. You said, this goal is worth my free time and energy. I want to build something with my effort. I commend that commitment within you. What about play? What do you do for fun? Do you enjoy exercising for fun? What if the key to health was in merging exercise and fun together?


Today’s world offers the use of technology. How can technology be leveraged to keep you healthy? Have you tried the step counter? Has that made you healthier? What about these fitness apps, what have they done for you lately? Have you started to take more pictures of your food and posting the food porn online? How many likes has that gotten? Here is a question I heard a couple of days ago. Imagine all of the selfies you see online. What did those people look like when they were taking the picture? What about the people’s posts who are filled with pictures of themselves? Think they are a bit narcissistic?


The only change I have seen in people has been when they hired a personal trainer. The world trainer has become to take on a new definition to me. For me, as a personal trainer, I embody a segment of space in the personal training sphere I did not know existed a couple of years ago. I act as much as a coach as a trainer. Regularly I work with a client who wants to do some thing they have never done before. It may be committing to an exercise routine. It may be learning to cook, or it may be learning to shop for organic foods. What? I have become to embody a personal trainer, coach, and motivational speaker all in one.


We all need a little support. It’s the truth. Think about the last time you achieved something for yourself. How good did you feel knowing you committed to and persevered towards your vision? Good, right? The problem I see in the space of personal training is that people do not know how to do what they want. They tell me about it. A client will tell me in agony how they know what they want. I just want to X. They say. And, I am not sure how to do X. So, we start to come up with a structure which helps them to move forward into the direction of X. It’s exciting to watch. It may be a 50 year old woman who has taken control over her eating and fitness habits. It could be a young man who learns to use his abdominal muscles while doing a push up. It could be a young woman who develops the confidence she wants to enter the dating sphere.


My position as a personal trainer has changed. So have the demands on you. It is no longer simply fulfill work obligations and then off to leisurely activities. It is as though each of you are acting as a project manager both for work and your personal life. For some of you the two of those activities overlap. Your business is also your hobby. Lucky devil J Success is often not awarded to the people who are lucky. Success is often awarded to the people who earned it. How did these people earn their physical and fitness success? They had a structure which allowed them to balance the demands of daily living in contrast to their personal goals. These individuals realized that their personal goals can often be in contrast with their work and family goals. So, how did they succeed? They hired someone to fight with them for them. They discovered the value of aligning themselves regularly with what matters. Their physical health. If you do not have that as you know, money is worthless.


Some things worth considering. Can a 20 minute workout be more valuable then no workout at all? Can hiring a personal trainer 1 time a month be more valuable then making poor decisions for 1 year? How much time can you afford to waste before you take control of your health and start learning health habits?


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