The attitude towards health can be confusing. Should I be strict with myself? Should I remove foods? Add workouts? Push myself harder? These are all questions we have asked ourselves. The common response to a negative inner attitude is to swing the pendulum in the other direction. You become more inspired and courageous to take on more!

Pendulum Swing

You want to break past plateaus, sore to new heights, and make your body change in ways that have previously been difficult. You are trying to reduce the inner tension you feel. You are channeling your energies productively into yourself and your health. The category of health can be a slippery slope. There are so many common phrases that lead us in the wrong direction.


You should add this exercise, remove this food, do this for this amount of time, and all of your dreams will be realized. The truth is health is a path with milestones. By channeling your increased motivation productively you can reach new milestones. The opportunity to become stronger can be presented after going through a tough intrapersonal session. Where you questioned your commitment and asked the hard questions. Am I working hard enough? Could I work harder and smarter at the same time? These types of questions are for the brave.


As my Wife reminds me. If you ask the question, you will automatically make yourself responsible to find the answer. I applaud your efforts to be healthy. I encourage you to work harder today then yesterday. No, you cannot predict the future. But, you can become more of your best self by applying a little more effort today, then you did yesterday. Keep up the good work. Spring is around the corner, and so are new possibilities, and who knows, they might just come from unexpected corners of your world, and from unlikely places or people.


You can DO IT!! Keep going. Stay tuned for an awesome post coming at the beginning of next week.


With cheers and encouragement, your friend,


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