Discover why the mind muscle connection should be the #1 priority of your exercise program.


If injuries are inevitable, can you afford not to have tailored instruction? It is important to move (exercise). Our lives are sedentary. We have agendas and outcomes that routinely require a computer. So each day we spend time in a seated or standing position for extended periods. The seated and standing posture make your body rigid. A rigid body is less agile and therefore prone to breaking, not bending. Injuries become inevitable because of the activities of daily living. Your ability to recover is directly based on your previous ability to move (your past exercise history).

Greener Grass

Is some movement better then others? Yes. But the best movement comes from a mixture of approaches. One movement discipline cannot address your specific needs. Yoga, Pilates, Olympic lifting, rehabilitative exercise and the other movement arts (ways of exercising) have a place. Movement is about developing the skill to move (you naturally lose weight when you exercise). For the common man or woman you need a mixture of all the movement arts (ways of exercising). You need to be challenged physically and to discover new abilities to move at the same time. You must develop your mind muscle connection.

Receive tailored instruction, hire me as your trainer. The number one reason people cannot workout alone is because they don’t know how to do what they need to do. That is why you need personalized videos with tailored instruction. People don’t know how to activate their abs appropriately in a core exercise. That’s what stops your body from changing. You need to know specifically how to utilize your body (the mind muscle connection). Discover what you need, how to do it, and be held accountable by a professional. I have over 10 years and 10,000 hours of experience.


“I’m too busy working on my grass to notice if yours is greener”, you said. After you had a year dedicated to your health and fitness!


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