Fitness woman having pain in stomachIf you have ever tried to eat healthy, or exercise, then you have been overwhelmed.

I know this because trainers, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors become overwhelmed and this is their field. The overwhelm happens because the task of organizing the “how to be” healthy, eat healthy, and fit in exercise is overwhelming. We all think about it, it’s hard not too. We live in a visual world; people look at other people, and inevitably judge them. Therefore your size and shape informs another person how to think about you. Are you fit, could mean do you have a healthy outlet for the stress in life? Are you overweight, could mean you do not discern what foods are good for your energy level.

At the same time, it’s difficult to know what you want in a personal trainer, acupressure practitioner, or another health related trainer. Do you know how to interview a trainer? Or are you referred to a trainer because of a friend, or business and decide that is the best fit for you? Today there are so many trainers and coaches who are willing to help you increase your physical freedom through the form of exercise or bodywork. When you shop, if you are, is price a concern? How much of an investment should you make into hiring a coach or trainer?

When I first started as a trainer I lacked the bigger picture of how all of the puzzle pieces fit together, I could not see myself as a complete trainer. Therefore I have studied everything from Osteopathy, Functional Nutrition with Lab Testing, to Acupressure, and I even interned for a certification at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There were times during my travels where I found too much theory. Thinking to myself, this will not help the busy man or woman I train who works 50 hours a week and wants to get into better shape before their 50th birthday. However, I enjoyed collaborating with others and learning new methods to help people.

Today I have settled into 3 primary domains of helping people. They are personal training, coaching, and bodywork in the form of acupressure. I have found helping people to organize the information of health is incredibly rewarding. My wife likes to call it Life Coaching, but I choose to think of it as connecting with like-minded people, and helping them get clear about the indicators that measure progress. So in the concrete department, I help people to simplify the actions of health through conversation while training, performing bodywork, or primarily concentrating on coaching for a specific task.

Most people get stuck going down the wrong path. Many think they lack the sufficient budget to hire a trainer like me. When I talk with these people I usually translate our time together, and this usually leads to results. Most people do not know they could hire me for a couple of hours one month, and I could give them homework for the next month. Once these people realize no clear path to health and fitness is associated without eventual failure, and by hiring me for targeted consultations, they can benefit. Actually, when we are collaborating as a team, we can accomplish a lot of tangible and specific outcomes.

We go into the deeper understanding of how your body works, for example, if movement is our priority. If we zoom in to see movement restrictions and possibilities, then we consider the contexts you are exposed to like work, then we can design a program to strengthen you core, and help you accomplish your job. Yes, there should be better tools available for an introduction into the complexities of exercise in the modern era. When I first started exercising I would feel insecure and question if I was pursuing the right exercises, or making the right steps towards being healthy. With no clear process to trust, I spent a lot of time wishing I knew the right mindset to achieve the results I wanted.
How to get clear about the mindset you need to achieve:

Step 1: Write down the concrete changes you want.
I want to lose 5 lbs, 5 inches on my waist, and exercise 5 days in a row for the next month, for example.

Step 2: Start a journal where each night after your day, you can fill in the end of this sentence 5 times.
If I exercise tomorrow then ______

Step 3: Find a friend, spouse, or loved one to tell about your plan. Ask them to if you can talk to them about the frustrations and successes of your path.

Step 4: Deliver for the commitment you made in Step 1.

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