I met Dominic during the summer of 2010 during a 2 day golf clinic in at Cave’s Valley Gold Club in Baltimore, MD. He was helping the students with stretches and doing some basic acupressure point manipulation to help students warm up for a busy day of golf lessons.

At this point, I was suffering from chronic back pain, excessive sweating, constant upset stomach, inability to loose weight even with an aggressive work out routine, inability to sleep through the night, and I was taking Adderall and anti-inflamitories. I was also seeing a physical therapist and a chiropractor. All in all, not a clean bill of health for anyone, especially for a 28 year old.

After meeting with Dominic, doing some testing, and following his coaching for 4months, I have lost 20 lbs, substantially decreased my pain and sweating, have cut out trips to the chiropractor and physical therapist, and now I sleep through thenight!

Dominic’s easy going demeanor coupled with his grasp of a complex subject manner and teaching style makes it easy to learn and improve your overall health under his expert coaching, no matter where you are from a health stand point.

Chris Barnhill