Douglas Wylie

Went to Dom with my hips and he succeeded where everyone else failed. Life had a touch of normality again and it was awesome. Great character with innovative ideas that really do work… an out the box thinker.

Chris Barnhill

I met Dominic during the summer of 2010 during a 2 day golf clinic in at Cave’s Valley Gold Club in Baltimore, MD. He was helping the students with stretches and doing some basic acupressure point manipulation to help students

Candace Sharrow

I have had scoliosis for almost as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school, my pediatrician told my mom not to worry about the fact that I seemed to be leaning over, that it would sort

I have been working with Dominic for some time regarding my health and fitness. Dominic has consistently shown himself to be a knowledgeable leader. He makes the process of exercising fun and entertaining. With Dominic’s consistent attention to detail and