Dave Berdan

Dave won the 2015 Baltimore Marathon. In 2014, Dave developed a stress fracture in his femur while running so he had to drop out of the Marathon. A couple of weeks before the 2015 Marathon Dave wasn’t sure if he

Paul Hamm

I was referred to Dominic by my physical therapist who told me he could take my level of fitness to another level – and he sure did. After two six-pack sessions with Dominic my back and the rest of my

Max Major

Dominic is a hard working and disciplined individual. His drive and motivation infects other around him. I thoroughly trust his knowledge and abilities both as a trainer and a presenter.

Josh Spiegel

Dominic is one of a kind. He knows his stuff and is always willing to go the extra mile. I’ve never worked with a trainer like him. Not only is he a pro, he is also a great person –

Jim Goldblatt

Dominic Sessa is a true “Holistic” guide. Corrective exercises, Stress Reduction techniques, diagnostic nutrition and metabolic typing diets, and wellness. I have been getting great results with Dominic.

Jessica Alsofrom, M.D.

I would call Dominic a magician because he seems to perform magic. But after all, there seems to be a more plausible explanation. Even after multiple dentist and doctor visits, I had unremitting jaw pain from my Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

I Can Breathe Again….

I can’t pinpoint when my troubles began. In fact, until a few months ago, I didn’t know I had any trouble at all. I was very use to living my life as I always have. Serving in the Army, and

G. Donelly

Working with you, so far has taught me a lot and has made me reflect upon my injury and my future. My main concern after surgery was that the compartment syndrome that I have dealt with since my freshman year

Forrest Foss

I have been seeing Dominic since shortly after I retired at the beginning of of 2009. Working with Dominic has been fantastic. He has kept it fun and interesting and he has kept me fit and flexible and away from